About Us

Hira Dental is a fully private dental lab in Coventry, UK that offers a variety of services such as implants, Crown & Bridge, All ceramic and Aligners. We provide metal-free systems and traditional restorations that are carefully selected to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our main goal is to deliver excellent service and high-quality dental restorations. We believe in the perfect combination of technical expertise, personal service, and consistent results, and we value communication and teamwork. We comply with all General Dental Council requirements to ensure that we have the latest dental technology and training. Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients.

Dental Lab Products & Services

SMOP allows dentists and dental technicians to plan implant cases based on Cone Beam or CT scan data and to obtain precise drilling templates for use during implant placement. 

With a wealth of knowledge in the field of implantology, we are able to work with virtually all implant systems. We are a Straummann platinum approved laboratory with extensive experience in many of the leading implant systems.

The teeth are 3D scanned via model or we can work direct from a digital iTero files. Using 3D printing and Ortho software, series of models are created from the planned route and aligners are fabricated.

Pressure forming, is significantly superior to the more commonly used method of vacuum forming. We offer the following products: Bleaching trays Bruxism guards Sports mouth guards.

Emax, Zirconia, Porcelain bonded, composite, Full Metal Crowns