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Dental Implantology

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Fully Guided Surgical Stent

Fully Guided Surgical Stent



Dental Implantolog

Dental Implantology

Pressure formed Appliances

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Crown and Bridge

flexible dentures

Flexible Dentures


Clear Aligners


Chrome Removable Partial Dentures

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About Us

Hira Dental is a fully DIGITAL PRIVATE LAB specializing in implants, Crown & Bridge, All ceramic and Aligners . We offer a comprehensive range of carefully selected metal free systems and traditional restorations. 
At Hira Dental lab Coventry UK, our aim is to provide the highest quality dental restorations coupled with an exceptional Service. We strive to provide the perfect blend of technical expertise, personal service and consistent results. We Strongly believe in relationship based on communications  and feedback( Teamwork). We comply fully with all General Dental Council requirements to ensure the latest dental technology and training, our dedicated dental team is focused on providing you an outstanding service.

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chrome removable partial dentures

Make Your Patients Smile with Confidence

Bad oral health or teeth appearance can lead to lost smile confidence. Hira Dental Lab now provide reliable restorative works and other solutions including high-quality clear aligners that bring your patient’s smile confidence back. From restoring the frontal smile visible teeth to improving overall teeth conditioning, our services offer it all. We provide dentists digital dental laboratory solutions that work great for every case scenario. We delivery cosmetic, functional and natural teeth restorations from digital dental imprints that treat your patients best. Restore smiles and make your patients happy. We are available for dentists with all kinds of smile confidence regain solutions any time in Coventry UK.

Convenient Digital Dentals Service with Doorstep Delivery for Dentists

We have sped up the entire restorative solutions process for dentists across the UK. There is no longer a requirement to send us bite impressions. Most of our restorative work can be done with digital dental impressions. We have partnered with digital dental scanning industry leaders including 3Shape, iTero, MEDIT, Dentsply Sirona, Carestream Dental and others to fast-track the process. Dentists across the country can scan their patient’s jaw and mouth digitally to upload scan files on our sophisticated digital portal system. It doesn’t have any delays at all and cuts down the processing time by more than 50%. From scan uploads to doorstep restorative solutions delivery, we are with dentists all the way of the process.

Advanced Dental Lab in UK Trusted by Dentists Around the Country

Hira Dental Lab is one of the most trusted advanced dental laboratories in the UK. We have helped dentists from around the country provide their patients some of the best restorative dental solutions of all kinds. We specialize in digital dental restorative works including dentures repairs, crowns and bridges, prosthetics, fully guided surgical stents, chrome removable partial dentures, dental implants and more. So, help your patients improve their smile and eating confidence with a renewed oral health. We also provide high-quality clear aligners to improve the teeth lining of your patients. We are trusted by dentists across the UK for our advanced dental laboratory solutions. We provide very precise dental restorative works based on digital dental impressions that can be quickly uploaded on our reliable digital system.

Restorative Dental Work Specialists in the UK

Hira Dental Lab is one of the highly trusted dentures repairs & dental restorative specialist laboratories in the UK. We have years of experience with every dental restoration method. We provide dentists reliable dental crowns, chrome removable partial dentures, bridges, dentures repairs, prosthetics, fully guided surgical stunts for dental implantology and also locally machined implants. Our dental labs experts are trained, educated and qualified to provide best dental restorations for every case scenario. We work perfectly with digital dental impressions saving dentists time making their process with the patient more efficient. So, work with us to restore your patient’s teeth making them look perfect and function just as good as the original ones. Get in touch now to find out more.

Guided Stents

Hira Dental Lab is a leading dental laboratory offering high-quality very accurate fully guided surgical stents for dental implantology. Get you patients guided implant systems that they need for great looking and feeling restorations.

Dental Implants

We offer a wide range of dental implants solutions for all patient cases. Dentists can get precious metal, semi-precious metal and non-metal dental implants made at our dental laboratory and delivered to their clinic doorstep anywhere in UK in quick time.

Crowns and Bridges

Provide your patients the best dental crowns and bridges they need to regain that lost smile and eating confidence. We are leading dental laboratory offering dental crowns and bridgework of top quality in many different metal and non-metal materials.

Digital Dental Solutions

Hira Dental Lab UK has a highly advanced digital dental restorative work system available on our online platform. Upload your patient file here on our sophisticated digital system and get quick turnaround for milled dental restorative work solutions any time.

Metal and Non-Metal Dental Restorative Solutions

Does your patient prefer metal restorative solutions like metal crowns or implants? Did you suggest your patient’s high-quality non-metal solutions including zirconia, E-Max CAD or any other options? Hira Dental Lab offers both metal and non-metal dental restorative solutions in UK. We provide milled precious metal crowns and implants including gold, titanium and also non-precious metal solutions. Dentists in the UK can also get non-metal zirconia or acrylic crowns and implant solutions as well. Our leading dental laboratory in Coventry UK provides dentists some of the best restorative solutions for every patient requirement. You don’t have to send anything to us physically as well. We are digital dental restorative work specialist dental lab in the UK offering personalized solutions for every requirement.

Teeth Replacement to Last Long and Make Your Patients Feel Great

Chipped, decaying or damaged teeth are common problems for many patients in the UK. Dentists can now partner with Hira Dental Lab and restore smile and eating confidence for their patients. We offer milled restorative solutions including crowns, Flexible Dentures repairs, Chrome Removable Partial Dentures, bridges and implants that are made with high-quality materials. Whether you get metal teeth replacements or non-metal ones, our solutions will make your patient feel great and last long with regular daily routines. We provide milled solutions with very high accuracy and fitments for every case scenario. Our digital dental solutions provide convenience and smart application for dentists in Coventry and across the UK.